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Lesson Plans for the Ontario Curriculum

Grade 1:  Earth and Space Systems - Daily and Seasonal Cycles

Lesson 1: Identifying the sun as a source of light and heat (downloadable PDF)
Lesson 2: Observing changes in heat and light from the sun over time (downloadable PDF)
Grade 2:  Air and Water in the Environment
Lesson 1: Identifying and describing forms of moisture in the environment (downloadable PDF)
Lesson 2: Air as a substance that surrounds us, takes up space, moves, and can be felt (downloadable PDF)
Grade 3:  An exercise on types of soils and how they affect land use. Also downloadable as a PDF file.

Grade 4: Rocks, Minerals, and Erosion

Lesson 1: Recognizing igneous, metamorphic and sedimentary rocks, and their uses (downloadable PDF)
Lesson 2: How fossils form and how to identify them, including home-made fossil excercises (downloadable PDF)
Grade 7:  Learn how mantle hot spots form chains of islands such as the Hawaiian Islands. Also downloadable as a PDF file.

Grade 12: A lesson plan module centred on the Rocks and Minerals portion of the Grade 12 curriculum.  Downloadable MSWord file

Learn about Geology by trying these fun excercises

Can we live without mineral resources?

How do we know that the continents were once in different positions then they are in now? Try this geological jigsaw puzzle and find out.

How to identify minerals by using their physical properties.

Get an idea of how incredibly old the earth is by using a roll of paper towels to represent the Geological Timescale.

Create a "storm in a jar" and see how sediments are deposited.